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Are you ready to expand your knowledge, gain clarity, and develop next steps to achieve your goals? Each educational seminar provides you the opportunity to learn alongside our founder and president, Christian Stahlman, MSFP, ASBC®.


We understand your time is valuable so we have crafted a one hour program to not only include 30 minutes of guided learning but also 30 minutes of solidifying your next steps to launch Your Knowledge. Your Future.

Your Financial Growth: Becoming Financially Fit

For those wishing to better understand their personal finances and begin to accomplish their short and long-term financial goals, this seminar will not only provide you with financial rules to follow but also the steps to achieve these goals!


Let’s Grow Your Wealth!

Your Business Growth:

Improving Efficiency & Optimizing Profit

Do you want to create more effective communication in your business and ultimately, optimize your profit? This seminar will provide you with the steps you can implement now to improve your operational efficiency and optimize your profitability!  



Let’s Grow Your Business!

Your Cash Flow:

Budgeting and Forecasting

Whether you are a business owner or an individual wanting to create a plan to budget and forecast either your business or your personal cash flow, we look forward to teaching you the ways to do so!



Let’s Increase Your

Cash Flow!

Your Time Management: Turning Inefficiency Into Efficiency

Are you tired of each day going by without accomplishing any of your goals? We understand time is your most precious asset. Let us provide you with not only the necessary time management rules but also the ways in which you can begin implementing these rules into your daily schedule so you can begin accomplishing your goals today!

Let’s Optimize Your Time!

Your Brand Identity:

Branding Who You Are

Whether you are a business owner, influencer, or individual wishing to gain clarity around your brand, we will discuss how to not only create your brand but also provide the most effective marketing tactics to accomplish this goal!



Let’s Grow Your Brand!

You deserve a small business consultant.

Let’s start now. Contact us by phone, email or our social media channels.

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